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With the way I go about life,
I envision.
Two souls intertwining into God’s vision…

I want to do more than caress her in those tight jeans.
Hear her keep singing…
See her hit those high notes,
While I wrap her into my rhythm.
As we kiss and,
Twirl around and dance in the name of an Image,
I’d love to call,

Maybe some day in the future.
Fuel her with a passion to succeed in whatever moves her,
To be!
Hopefully happy in my arms,
As I turn another loose leaf over,
For a new chapter,
Where I’m not drunk,

Give myself a chance to think clearly.
Away from Devils trying to convince me to keep steering,
My drive towards another L.
A transparent dub,
Just to get high as I drop down into more wishing wells…

Tired of creating my own Hell.
By walking away from a gorgeous soul with so much to offer,
So much to tell.
Wisdom vibrates from her glowing aura I wouldn’t want to syphon off her,
And belch!
How I only want to see her shine as she rings my bells…

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