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You Just Can’t Be (Repost With A Note)

Is it evil if your smile’s the upheaval to each frown that is lethal to my,
If I’m already broken in pieces,
The thought of you glues them back together,
How can I ever be sickened,
By what isn’t wicked to a heart beating slower when it sees you?…

You know,
They say your heart beats faster when you’re around the one who gives you butterflies.
But I,
Must defer!
Anytime I am in front of her?
I feel like I flew from a coop,
Wishing they could shut my mouth when I try to muster words…

Words I must gather for battle against benevolent thought.
Thoughts I incinerate with fire you spark inside of my eyes illuminating a plot I,
Was almost buried inside of,

My dear!
You may distract me from what’s ugly in this world,
Believe it or not,
I find that part about you the most beautiful.
How can your smile ever strike someone as evil,
Even if you had a few little cracks,
All of us have,
Anytime we’re forced to gaze within our stained mirrors?…

*Side Note*

Had to take a second to just say that love really does cure everything. God and love. Honestly, what are we and who are we really without that combo? As always, I challenge the world to just contact someone they haven’t in a while and tell them you love them. Pray for them. There’s a a crying soul out there that definitely needs it! Stay blessed yall ❤

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