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Scrambled Eggs, No Bacon.

Although I’ve escaped my shell,
My emotions have been more than what I could normally handle.
Being egged on by lies coercing me to shout and scream until I,

How can they not be?
I’d walk in a different fashion,
I’m worn out from everyone who mocks me.
Struggling to quit a habit that prompts me to pant till I pass out and wrought dreams,
Nightmarish of all things…

I yearn to be!
Realize I never will.
There may be a grin soothing that Lion caged against its will,
When I close my eyes,
My inner child frowns while refurbishing his need to get his kill…

I refuse to go backwards,
To a place where deceit is the backbone to a bastard,
Who laughs at my woes when my back’s turned one day,
So desperate for love when he’s sad,
On a search for it all throughout the next day…

Life isn’t as easy as it looks when you’re down on your luck,
Inside of a glass house crumbling piece by piece while cut,
By several shards falling from a ceiling caved in.
By thunder crashing down without a chance for evasion.

Some of us were just meant to survive.
Awoken from a slumber darker than a walking vessel that’s dead inside.
Picked by God’s hands to break a cycle spinning out of control.
Where love is washed by acid tears falling from the wretched eyes of a woman scorned,
As you watch your peers turn the tides and kick you while you’re down on the floor,
Even if there’s two sides to every story.
No fault to us for being brainwashed while conditioned to lie about our own glory.
Nothing you can do,
Get used to a different kind of kick out of life any time it gets hot,
While singed by the pain.
Of not being who you truly are in the first place…

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