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Dr. Morgan Can’t Disinfect Bullshit

Complexities of life aren’t intimidating.
I’ve only felt inundated by the lies of a scorn going through her phases.
It’s what happens when you love another person more than yourself in a world full of fakes with,
Intentions revealed when they’re exhausted by their own front,
Backed by the cries of their own “buds”,
Previously mine,
As well,
Until I decided to cut weeds out of my backyard by my damn self…

Two different minds that God made collide,
In order for my mind to realize there’s only one way to fly high!
A prayer for the better while I get up as I blow a kiss to the sky…

Not another text to a bitch who lost touch with who she truly was.
Although I know I messed up,
Many nights where I wouldn’t fess up!
To the lies I’ve made as a teenage kid she…
Never really bothered to know me.
Never tried to control me,
Remote when I had needed another’s eyes to console me.
And drinking until the truth came out as she would disown me!
Only to wake in the morning,
Feeling so horny!
Forcing the moment while ending it moaning…

It’s what I deserved for being moronic.
Allowing “Dr. Morgan” to heal our bleeding wounds with more shots in the name of love,
Becoming lust when canopied by the sting of,
Her dream that never came true as long as I was around.
A dream where she’d see a wealthy man carry her around as the biggest prize around town.
A dream where she’d see me as king with more money than I can ever count…
A dream she believed would become true as long as I,
The man she claimed to love for the rest of eternity,
Was appropriately down and out…

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