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Dreamz I’ll Never Trade

Waking up,
Without a fuss,
And a family waiting to love you.
With a simple kiss,
Alleviating this,
Pain that I feel!
Whenever loneliness becomes heavy enough to crush you…

A dream I’d like to have,
Replacing nightmares where I stand,
Engulfed in flames…
A monster like myself only cries butane,
Ignited by its fiery nature,
As both of my pupils wearily observe the combustion of my emotions…

Tell me…
How should I feel?
How should I wield my emotions on a sleeve concealed,
By apparel too dark for anyone to see through?
A question rhetorical in nature as I peek through,
Every hole in a pair of sneakers others wouldn’t keep for too long,
Noticing everyone becoming too strong for a man struggling to move on,
From poverty.
The kind of poverty where the somber feat of death is inevitably reached if,
Your choice is to not live honestly…

A mistake I made by denying who I really am.
A jolly poet with a pen and pad.
Yearning for someone to love and,

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