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High Spiritz

Not much to say when you wake up knowing how lonely your day will be.
Nor is there many things for you to do except bring a daydream into reality,
My chance for me to sit and conjure a smile through an art defining a life going by unnoticed.
Does it ever strain my peace of mind?
Does it ever rattle my conscious with thoughts laying heavy on a chest not as brittle as it once was?
I’d say,
Only when I lock eyes with a handsome man,
I’m blessed to stare at,
In my mirror without an ounce of love,
Knowing that I have myself no matter what circumstance dares to crush,
My spirits!…

I’m just drunk by the seas of endearment God allows me to swim in.
It’s no longer in my soul to beg for attention taking time away from my humble living.
As a monster in the eyes of the masses,
All I am is a man with desires only a divine being can witness.
After trying to fit in inside of a society more often livid than alive and living,
I’ve found a fashion more fitting by wearing my emotions underneath my sleeves,
Permitting many grins to kick in!
From cheek to cheek.
Only way I can be a shoe in for a Heaven up to me to make any time I decide to speak…

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