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Laugh For As Long As You Can

You go,
You know!
That you’ll fold,
While I grow,
Into what I was always meant to be,
A Poet flowing past an ocean overflown by tears pouring down in,

Go ahead and laugh!
At everyone of my mistakes.
At every scar on a body I have healed by keeping you away!
All you’ve wanted was my presence,
I’ve kept distant with persistence in improving the gift I was given.
I have fought long and hard enough to obtain sobriety for me stick around what’s toxic with intent to sting me…

Promised myself I would never go back to anything abysmal,
Stuffing my potential in the bottom pits of an abyss I escaped by prayer and a missile!
Aimed at the heartless cavities of demons on a shoulder I have dusted with as nimble of a fist I can possibly make.
You laugh!
Because you’re afraid and in denial of all the success I will gain.
It’s what I definitively see at the end of my tunnel,
While you feel darkness at the end of yours,
For every single night you intent to shroud my character with every ounce of sorrow dripping from your face…

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