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Caved In

Seductive like the devil's kiss.The nightmare every man wants to have.Her glare,A ray of bliss… Until her make-up drips,And drips back onto the bathroom sink after each swipe.Scars reveal.Wounds,Bright red,Bleeding out the Ugly she refused to confront and deal… They say Satan has the brightest smile,And hers lit up the entire sky.Yet,Inside?As dark as the... Continue Reading →

Laugh For As Long As You Can

Ha,Ha,Ha!You go,But,You know!That you’ll fold,While I grow,Into what I was always meant to be,A Poet flowing past an ocean overflown by tears pouring down in,Joy… Just,Go ahead and laugh!At everyone of my mistakes.At every scar on a body I have healed by keeping you away!Because,All you’ve wanted was my presence,But,I’ve kept distant with persistence in... Continue Reading →

Can’t Remember If I’m Ill

So many symptoms of Loneliness to count.But,None rattles you more than the symptom I call,Forgetfulness.That state of mind where you forget how and what it's like to bond with another. That state of mind where you forget what it's like to smile and feel happy as you were years ago.That state of mind where,You forget... Continue Reading →

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