Can’t Remember If I’m Ill

So many symptoms of Loneliness to count.
None rattles you more than the symptom I call,
That state of mind where you forget how and what it’s like to bond with another.
That state of mind where you forget what it’s like to smile and feel happy as you were years ago.
That state of mind where,
You forget how to love without ever feeling guilty for it…

Loneliness has a cure like so many other illnesses do!
Still hope for whoever trembles in the face of gloom.
How daring is anyone struck by woes of seclusion to reach for an escape they’ve been running away from?
That one cure every living soul throughout planet Earth can take without a single side-effect ravaging their heart from the inside,
And out.
You know,
Love for yourself no matter what scar on your face scares you,
From standing in front of who is seen inside of each mirror we’re all forced to face.
With a smile.
If healing from our past is what we yearn to do…

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