Missing Person

Turn the phone off, clean up your space, wear your best smile, t-shirt and disappear! At least, it’s what my brain’s been telling me to do for the past few days. And, there is not a single reason I can find convincing me otherwise within a heart yearning to deliquesce into an ocean of Love only Heaven can pour…

Because, when I lay my head at night, ‘home’ is still foreign to my flesh. All I’ve ever wanted was to find just that, a home, in a world singed by acid tears by the second. A place I can enter and feel what it’s like to hug another human body before our first bite of breakfast. A place where the day time smell isn’t a damn cigarette, cheap coffee and bullshit…

But, I get it. A home, loving family and peace doesn’t come without disintegrating all possibilities of paroxysm filling an empty void screaming to be doused in grace, humility, patience and of course. Love…

Only question is, where do you begin a journey you’ve rarely walked through with your head up high nor the grin refusing to depart from my face this very moment?…

Peace & Love! ❤

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