A constant flow of humility and grace pouring down divine rock.
Any drought they encounter become victims to each drop of water landing where nature can no longer grow.
Applying pressure up against anything in its path that believes it can stop its flow…

Same as droplets of tears forcing their way out to douse each seed of Peace planted by your need to change.
Tears flooding a mind already dampened by each moment I sweat over being myself or not during any period of my day.
Tears reminding every single one of us that,
We are not our pain…

We inevitably harden!

Within molds of what we choose to be from the second we wake,
As a Waterfall is at all times,
Doesn’t ever sway!
To the left,
To the right.
It stays on course running rampant ahead of all daring to halt its everlasting grace!
While continuing the fight against its own plight.
How there are so many that refuse help,
And just,
Willingly live a lie!
While thirsty for a better life…

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