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Clock Still Tickin’?

Heartbreak kills.
It feels as if it almost killed me without ever knowing why…

Bones crackled louder as the days went by.
Breathing felt like swallowing a ball of hysteria to start you off for the morning.
Worst of all?
Caring enough to take care of myself was far from a mind remote from its current reality.
All of which began the moment her soul defused from mine underneath the twilight of dawn…

I survived without questions asked,
except for one.
How was I not reduced to ashes while crawling past a wall of flame,
Ignited by the fires in my bewildered eyes?
How was I able to stand up and rinse my body of soot that could’ve poisoned my will to change?

I guess,
Miracles do happen,
For a reason.
Miracles given to us every single day to push past each boulder blocking our path.
Miracles that can only be shone upon us by a light only those fighting to escape,
Can see.
It isn’t what’s blazing while trapped within your pupils’ Miosis.
It’s the light you see when you cry,
For hours on end,
Until your eyes are cleansed of fire our demons love to kindle.
Leading to your discovery of luminescence in a smile,
Inevitably risen by the evaporation of your tears…

As I look around me,
Still kills.
Have I survived,
Am I fighting for my clock to tick much slower than the Last day?

Who knows…

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