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Red Ink

My trinity,

When anger,
Or Love rises,
I’m swayed,
In ways I cannot define,
To stroke my quil in mind,
From left to right,
And strike,
A point,
As I conclude a sentence…

I’m breathless,
Reciting poems inciting death wishes,
Yearning for a rebirth warranted,
By my need to change…
Were littered by lies pathological,
It was only right I decided on rewriting them,
And circle back to Truth…

It was only right,
Words wouldn’t leave me,
Nor deceive me,
Believe me!…

Voices keep shouting answers in my head while,
Wrongs are made with a smile,
Devious in nature,
Deluding weary eyes I see through,
In denial…

Many have purloined my heart,
Placing it on a furnace inside a glass house I rest in.
And it burned!
Enkindled was my inner hurt,
That could not be discerned by a single soul,
Whether it was time to help put out my flames or not…

Too late they were,
As the Universe had no other choice,
But to feel my wrath as I set a stage ablaze and voice!
A disgruntled dragon shackled in a cave,
Who’s had enough of it!

Go ahead and cry me a river,
I flow in hot lava!
You wouldn’t dare to esteem me while I sleep at Rock Bottom.
Those I’ve loved have ran at the sight of my eruption,
Why not flood scorching tears amongst their walls of glass?
And melt away their lies & corruption?

It isn’t fair to punish myself for what I’ve done once,
Other’s have done,
Without acknowledgement.
And I’m expected to bow in repentance…
We might well die together in this death sentence…

So we step,
Toe to toe.
We go to war
With swords,
Or 44 4’s pointed at your door,
Being that death comes in 3’s…
At this moment,
Your blood spilled is an embellishment,
A bonus,
To my enthronement
As you beg for atonement,
While I grip steel,
And keep lines smoking…

In other words?
I rather obliterate your existence.
With a pen,
Some paper,
Some ink.
My trinity,
Slash seductress,
And pay my respects!
It’s all I ever wanted to begin with…

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