Lonely Company

Life can be so worrisome for a guy like me. A guy who can care a little bit too much where he shouldn’t. Like, the way others choose to perceive their realities. So annoying when someone stigmatizes your character to what you are not because of their own miseries, whatever they may be…

But, so important it is not to sweat it. After all, you aren’t perfect! And, that’s amazing, like a sky full of clouds and sunlight while laying on the greenest grass with not a single errand to run for the day. Our imperfections make us the beautiful individuals we are and can be regardless of judgment stemming from one’s own insecurities. Unfortunately, some have a problem with witnessing another’s peace, happiness and self-love all because they can’t feel them for themselves…

Yet, It’s not really a reason to feel angry towards any one nor to hurt them. As a hot head myself from time to time, I can tell you how exhausting and frustrating it is to yell from the top of your lungs. How painful it is to strain your voice box to the point where it hurts just to stick your tongue out just because you wanted “It” all to end. The madness ensuing inside of a Glass House crumbling piece by piece as time goes by. So I pose one question. Why ever put yourself in a position to hurt a body you were given to walk away from danger and use with a gigantic smile? The sound of you wincing is the music of choice for demons looking to party hard…

Nonetheless, no other choice do you have but to shut off your ears and ignore Misery looking for others it. Company that will keep you bonded to your past while keeping your tears in stock any time you’re thirsty for nothing but difference…

Bless ❤

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