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Watched By The Eye Of Our Storm

Was I,
In the middle of this Hurricane.
As tears dripped from the sky…
Calm I became…
I thought I was her Universe…
The star glistening amongst darkness Mother Earth,
Is surrounded by…

Just like that,
Your light dwindled as I lost my way back,
To a home no longer present…
I guess,
Loyalty is hard for most to wrap their heads around,
As most refuse to see the gifts laid in front of them…

All my heart yearned for was for a rarity in a city struck with a sickness,
I call fear of commitment!
Division was insisted,
In a world now insidious with wretched smiles and false promises,
The Further I wrestle with old demons within,
My troubled mind…
Left with a face red from so many damn lies…

And still,
I wasn’t mad at you,
As I found a xanadu within your arms!
Feeling festive as I took the extra shot,
Getting drunk!
By love…
Ignoring the omen of kneeling for prayer,
Just to not get back support when times had gotten rough…

I vomited every kink about you,
And cleaned it all up!
Your hug mattered more to keep me standing while crushed,
By life itself…

Plundered in a world of wonder,
I have to ask…
When you received his number,
What were you thinking while you were in crisis?
Did you need me to provide more money,
For all of your vices?
As if I didn’t waste thousands on a stale honey,
With sticky fingers and a habit of lying?…

I took pride in my virginity as a man,
Waiting till my 20th year for someone to understand.
Seemed as if you were heaven-sent for us to hold hands!
Waiting 8 months to leave your bra snapped open,
Even if I wasn’t trying to reach a climax…
You hopped on without notice.
Stole something precious I can never buy back…

Baring pain I savor on my shoulders,
All I do now is cater every line I write to any heart lacking faith!
It’s like they say.
They all come back around anyway.
And in my case?
She blew it wide open knowing second comings were ahead of me,

I hate the generation we’re in since,
We treat each other like a brand new Iphone.
We put an extra,
Older version to the side and upgrade to what’s current after noticing the last one wasn’t able to fill us with laughter.
Till the wave ends and crack goes the picture frame…
Taking hits,
Left battered
Instead of looking inside to fix the problem?
We go for another,
Sending what’s broken for someone else to solve them.
Leaving you X’d…
Once we see each other upgrade,
We run back in line,
Ready to pay our debts!
Becoming conscious when our backups won’t connect after years of neglect,
Realizing we shouldn’t have switched.
Breaking that promise…
Till death do us part…
All for a bit of facial recognition even if your last had a different lock on your heart…

Loyalty is a concept most don’t and won’t understand,
Isn’t it?
Setting words on the table expected to manifest.
Meeting dollar signs half way while laying in bed,
With satan ahead.
No one lending a hand to pull each other up from perdition and being condemned!
By our own actions…

Many sweat for their dreams and commit.
Seems like,
Money is enough for us to be convinced,
That it’s all we should live for.
Even if we might be in for war…
While building rapport just for a benefit…
Then complain years later how you need a wife,
Or husband,
To fill an empty void a dollar never can.
Forever trapped inside an abyss…

There is a consequence the minute you decide to choose.
You either make things right,
Or go left,
Leaving everything else to lose.
You can do anything as you please.
You must be screws-loose if you think life is actually free.
If it was,
I’d still have the girl of my dreams…

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