Dose Of Reality (Full)

Awake with a dose of sobriety,
Who can be higher than me?
Inside of my nature!
Blowing a cloud next to paper beside of me.
Bestowed a talent to rap,
Causing a fistful of damage!
On a page with a wrist writing over arduous chapters embedded in stone.
Those I’ve written on a bed where I’ve kept sleeping on,

Either I’m smoked out or bathed in ink.
Some days,
There is no doubt that both are my personal ways to see,
A way to reach,
A way to speak and manifest a different life before I’m in a grave too deep.
Both consist of a tree I burn away with hot joints,
Whether it’s a metaphor on a plain looseleaf! Or,
When I go raw and smoke ‘wrappers’ and it doesn’t matter which way you see!
This picture I paint with the ink of my soul…
Sweat and tears from each night I hustled to a mic regardless of each hole in my soles…

Such synergy I haven’t been able to break,
Even though I know I will eventually.
If only I can choose not to show the lowest moment I have ever had to myself relentlessly!
I can’t help but wonder how it’d feel if I could just smile anytime I think of everyone who once respected me…
Instead of tears darting from the corners of my eyes when I think of how they’ve rejected me…

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