Ugly Duckling

I see her smile rise from cheek to cheek and think of how distinct I am from the world around me…
How I’ve always been a geek,
Addicted to the street.
Never any time to focus on my own smile to attract my “well-deserved” queen…

Do I even deserve one?
With the surplus of rejections I’ve received from a ‘sight for sore eyes’,
My Lord,
Am I worth some?
All I want to do is lightly coil my palms around her head as her curls rest,
While I caress my mind with the thought of us,
Every “Hell naw!”
Would steer my drive away from ever wanting love…

I mean,
What can I really do?
I just!
Became handsome in the eyes of the masses,
Regardless if I hide behind the frames of my glasses,
Or watch Dragon Ball when down on my luck as my night passes.
A woman looking at me usually meant she found something to laugh at!
I’ll get a wink and a small window to laugh back…

Never do I take the opportunity.
Everyone thinks I’m a catch until I get caught dreaming through poetry,
A world full of scars portraying the image that’s been confusing me!…
Of how full of beauty our Sunshine is,
Until you burn standing underneath it for some time in,
Climates too hot to handle…

In the same breath,
It feels as if Thunder strikes,
Upon your eyes,
When the one you like would rather hide!
From you…
Never did I notice as to what grew,
In return.
Fruits of life ripening inside of my mind,
Stemming from a gaunt,
De rigueur purge.
Puddles of tears growing a Man out of an Abyss where all of your demons lurk!
In every corner you turn…

Love and Forgiveness,
For myself.
No matter what I did in,
A past no longer true in present time as I became my own help.
For a better future I lay out regardless of how blurry my vision!
As I write,
Write and write lines I must belch!
From the top of my lungs.
Embracing an image defacing every old picture I will happily have hung.
On the same Wall every woman told me to speak to…

Photo Credit: Timwell from DeviantArt!

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