Toolz Of Success

New year,
Same attitude when I’m flowing to a rhythm while I’m trying to reach a higher altitude,
Through a new groove.
Crude fears,
I’m eliminating with a few new tools…

Of a home littered by hateful messages and disgraceful sedatives.
Of those bitter over graceful sentiments I’ve chosen over distasteful eminence.
Why sit around and complain of negligence when I can spin it all around and set the precedent!
Of success others will inevitably follow?

In order to achieve such a mind frame,
You have to keep looking at the bigger picture.
How you have to Love yourself at all times if you ever want to see a smile in your mirror.
Reflected on everybody elses face as they face you when spreading your own scriptures.
Faith in a brighter day others stuck in darkness can see,
And rise out of that abyss trapping most of us when closing our eyes in the midst of a sea.
Of tears…

None of it is possible without Patience.
A moment of silence and prayer while saving!
Your energy for the synergy you create with, God.
Moments sitting with Pain pulsating throughout every bleeding wound,
Instead of bickering over sins you’ve wrought!
To be true at some point in your life.
Realizing most cement themselves in a concrete state of mind where they lay victimized.
Truth be told?
You can’t help anyone who rejects helping hands,
Same way they claim no one’s there to see them shine…
How can someone of such nature be enveloped by the Light!
Closing every window of opportunity to live without tears running down their eyes?…

New year,
Same attitude as I keep flowing up to a new height.
With a smile I’ve never seen before while sinking in a drink and a few blunts out of spite,
Until I put it all down before draining me of my life in its entirety…

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