Knivez Of All Kindz

Are we really alone?
Is it only us?
To whom do I owe,
This life I must escape?
A life of pain,
A life of hate,
A life rife with fake surroundings…

All I’m curious for?
What’s on the other side of that door?
Pearly Gates spoken of so much during one’s momentary passing.
A death,
More like a transition into a realm profusely luminous,
Whether Dark or Light.
It’s all in unison…

For instance.
How would I have known the sweet tunes in this candied notion of silence through death?
How cutting my skin open put a smile on my face that I don’t regret.
Forgiving and loving your Mom after her attempt to impale a knife through my chest.
See how they both connect?

Synergy between the two in a world that rips you in two if,
You refuse to let go.
Letting go of each knife that doesn’t want any of your wounds to close!…

I slid each of them out with my strength,
Renewed by a new found faith.
The One that speaks to me before I even question my company and gauge,
Who’s really there for me?
As I bow down and pray…

Who cares for what’s on the other side of that door I’m supposed to build?
All I fear now are the bricks God will tumble over if I milk!
My blessings as the cash cow my demons beg me to be…

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