Criez Of Joy

Overwhelmed to the point where,
I don’t care anymore.
I don’t care for facades nor the lies anyone has wrought.
No care for the lives most pretend to live,
As I try my hardest to lay in a bed of Truth.
As every clock ticks at different times of the day,
My flesh still ages the same,
There are not enough seconds on any board to waste.
On a dead soul rejecting love in the face of their demons…

Rather stay in a zone I create with good reason.
Reason being peace of mind.
A mind where Time is frozen with veins full of ice,
With a Devil attempting to be as hot as our blazing Suns despite,
Freezing in a block of my hail-like tears…

Nowadays when I cry,
I cry tears of Joy.
So thankful for the second chance I’ve been given.
So thankful,
I’m overwhelmed by this delightful vision I’ve painted.
Think it has reached the hour to finally embrace it…

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