Web Of Liez

New York City and its cobb webs of Deceit will entrap every bit of Trust you have for others,
If you let it.
And I’ve allowed it to smother my Heart in its entirety on more than one occasion…

Going inside your local Deli for a loaf of Raisin bread and some Nutella.
Bump into the neighborhood Cat living at the store and pet the nice fella.
Saying high to my favorite cook as I order a Lamb burger insisting him to add some Feta.
Have a few words and laughs before leaving without forgetting my ketchup.
To do it all over again the next day as I notice a difference from,
Quite a distance…

*Talking while giggling*
“He wears the same things every day,
It’s crazy.
He’s going through something,
I hear while my heart starts racing…

No more smiles and laughter.
Nothing but business after.
Give me honey turkey with swiss on a roll with a dash of,
Pepper and vinegar while I wait outside and gather,
My rattled thoughts…

As a promethean who scribbles squibs for a living,
Not a word could be written as I felt half dead and imprisoned.
Imprisoned in an image that is not true.
How I may look homeless even if I live underneath a roof.
Stigmatized as dirty for not wearing different shoes.
A friend to most people I am blessed to come across,
Apparently too poor for that invitation to their rendezvous…

A party of demons hopping all around a scarred mind.
So scarred,
I happily scoff and come to a sudden stop just to watch them fall.
A zipper of silence to my lips when they scratch upon the walls,
Of a conscious they’ve fed on for much too long…

Going back into my local deli with the same smile I usually put on.
Responding with,
Can I get the same burger?
When I’m asked what have I been up to while I stand up,
Letting silence speak for anyone’s opinion about how I live my life,
As I catch my own tears in the middle of my brittle palms…

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