No Longer Stuck In The Weedz

I am a man of God’s word,
Not a God of Man’s word.
During a time where my demons intend to master!
Any control they may have had over me…

I’ve had to break a promise or two while sobering,
From past rendezvous I couldn’t pass up where I’ve lowered these,
Glittering eyes I was blessed with into Darkness moving closer regardless!
Of how far I’ve come.
No regrets are held no matter what I’ve done.

Everybody left when I was writing my life away.
Whether I was riding on another trip to fight away,
Or writing up another poem to hide from pain in a world I create on stage,
I saw the same thing!
An empty seat next to me…

I get it,
I do.
When my life spiraled down the drain,
The only two people close to me relied on trees to comfort me and,
Chose to leave.
Tobacco leaves cluttering my desk in place of those loose leafs…

Weed became my life,
What do you know?
My life was in the weeds.
Replacing Entourages with many thoughts of staying lost beneath some ash and debris.
Difference now?
I get high off ashes of the Lord when I pray on my knees.
Where I pocket monsters in red ball of fire topped with a beaming light,
Closing that Abyss cracking open under me…

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