Just A Thought 3

I love waking up to such a dazzling wife.
Along with two children,
Boy and girl,
More intelligent than Dexter,
‘The Boy Genius’,
All the chirps and sounds of bushes dancing to the winds of Tranquility,
While flipping through countless books full of stories we bring to life without ever taking notice until the very end…

“I’ve finally made it!…”

A dream I’ve promised myself to draw on the concrete I trot through.
A picture I paint inside of my mind,
Every day,
Until I can see it vividly all across a canvas of life I like to call,
My prying Eyes…

No need for dashes of hysteria through Fame,
When there is much on my plate already.
Much less the need for a soul that only knows how to syphon Love through the Darkness of another…

What is needed is peace,
Not a piece of a bittersweet pie you can cook on your own time.
A prayer as you wake up and deal with a world that stripped us of our innocence at birth…
The chance to look up at the sky and take notice of a world you’ve made with your very own,

I just,
Can’t wait for the moment I am once again intertwined with the Love of my life.
Next to a couple of kids we blithely make. Hoping they create a happy family with whomever they deem to be their soulmate,
One day.
Carrying forward a legacy of grace and joy,
Rather than the vicious circle of self-hatred I’ve had to escape from…

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