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Silent Roadz


Is what you’ll hear from a modern day Sage,
While Death & Gore marks an Epoch of Self-destruction.
A world at war over apples and oranges,
Even if both are healthy for one’s ailing heart.
What can you really do for a stomach starving for meat and flesh while refusing anything different?…

Strange times we are in.
Where Beggars are now Choosers.
Where Students promote themselves into the higher ranks of a Master.
Where Friendship no longer exists within any kind of Difference,
Except for dashes of Comradeship…


A word you’ll hear over and over again.
Even if you sit where Silence looms,
That ‘Voice’ in the back of your mind whispers into the ears of your Conscience.
Right behind every one of your actions,
Whether or not they are dressed in truth or your dirty laundry…

Should we bother listening to the Steering Wheel of our soul?
Commence Silence in the face of our daunting atrocities?
Questions singed into the hottest depths of your bleeding heart…
Daggers attempting to destroy a character possessed by the Monster they’ve allowed to roam while dark…


We lack it when faced with liabilities to account for.
That demon on your shoulder,
At your temple till you become prey for the Bull with Horns.
The Media,
Money and Honeys-galore…
The way the Media lights wild fires right in front of our doors.
Every Drug administered to our inner children,
All grown up nowadays just begging for more!
Need I say more on these odd lands of Babylon most can’t ever wait to explore?….


We’ll all listen to each other better when we say less.
Look within ourselves…
Hear our inner child cry,
Be brave enough to ask for help…
We’ll keep burning in a Hell!
We’ve created…

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