If Only She Saw…

The Madness.
Of staying trapped between four walls reminding you of what happened…
I’m quite sick of it!
Why can’t I get rid of this!?
Thought of you piercing through my vision with,
That smile so gorgeous,
Yet so haunting…

Don’t mind me while I stand in front of my mirror,
Just talking and talking.
I’ve just been longing for her kisses on my lips,
And an embrace full of Love no one elses possesses in this world full of fishes,
I don’t really want to catch…
There was only one person I’d attach!
To these lines I’ve written just to bait her back…

Nothing has worked,
Unfortunate for me to say.
Feeling as if it’s my imagination when I think she’s still reading my poems till this day.
How my Heart,
Mind and Soul continues throwing jubilees,
Just until I wake up from dreaming about her,

She ran away for a reason,
I truly understand.
All she wanted was space,
Little did she know I was scared to be alone anytime I was,
Regressing back into my sorrows…
Rather than looking forward to Tomorrow…
Where I laid in her arms away from a past filled with plethoras of Beer bottles…

Beer bottles I drank and many blunts I smoked to get away from a Dark place she’d never seen before!
Ropes my demons kept hanging on a ceiling I couldn’t see,
Even through four eyes with two I couldn’t take through my Doors,
Of a World I made whenever my eyes were closed…

A Dark place where figments of whom I no longer relate to,
Held her memories hostage in the corners of my mind too deep for me to see.
Images so blurry,
Mistaking each for a wretched Family,
Who gripped my feet with Palms of Insanity,
Dragged and killed while reborn in the Realm of Vanity…

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