Sugar Rush 4 The Agez

Overreacting to any situation is a conundrum we’d all love to avoid,
Even if we did for a moment or two.
I mean,
What’s the point?
Wasting that divine energy you were born with to uplift smiles hanging on a broken ledge.
Those lugubriuous thoughts only trap us inside of its vortex of denial and despair,
Until we feel spaghettified within our sorrow…

I digress and soak in the mellow winds of relaxation no matter what nerve swims through my ocean of Tranquility.
Those nerves that crawl all over your scarred skin whenever you come across an unwanted reminder.
Not much that can startle you through the grace of God…

Grace I grasp in its entirety.
A cake I’d eat whole and happily trip through the sugar rush I know I will get,
As I fall into a deep hibernation of Bliss.
Sugary Bliss…

As I wake up to the beats of life,
I try my best accepting every hug and kiss God loves to give out rather than backstab my own myself.
A backstabbing commenced when falling back into a depression my demons frolicked in without Shame.
An atrocity I refuse to ever manifest for the rest of eternity…

Good Day đź’ś

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