Everything’z cool

Moving this beside you.
Cruising past the sky to,
Ruin this disguise you,
Wear at all the places we were going with a rifle.
Ready for whatever came to fight us as we sliced dudes.
Right before I started catching on to all the lies you,
Dared to serenade my soul with…

I can’t believe you rowed in!
Deceit of that nature as a rat with a motif.
I’m posted…
On a wall with a firearm when I’m holding.
A pen with a piece of paper I’m burning holes in.
A cloud forms when I’m loaded…
With so many shots for you hold close in,
Memory of me!

You will remember me!
As the man who made it all the way from the street.
With a blunt in hand smoking so many trees.
I throw no shade and keep it true by dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s.
It will never be the same as I move up my ladder trying to reach the almighty…

You probably wouldn’t understand what was just written.
I surpassed anything you were thinking was the only vision
Of myself living on an Earth labeled as a villain,
Living in a prison with a family whom carry nothing but a chuck full of bad intentions.
Demons trying so hard to beef and catch my attention.
Knowing that the price of that was too cheap for my standards,
When I market myself as the boss I envision…

You never thought I’d save myself,
Did you?
God saw me cooking and sharpened my pen as a sharp as a ginsu.
To slice through issue.
To abide by the missiles,
Planted in my mind,
Ready to be fired at nonbelievers in the physical.
Including you.
Even though deep down inside?
I really do miss you…
I must kill the thought of you.
Only way to move on from a void in my chest I couldn’t fill with you…

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