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Green Eyez Run The World

Never did I think I’d live long enough to see dictionaries being rewritten,
As well as language we’ve known for so many years.
You’ve got to be kidding…
I would call this country pussy,
I’m the kind of cat to sit down and listen.
To both sides,
I’m kind of tired of seeing others fight,
Colors we have no control of…

Like green,
For instance.
It talks louder than your need for kisses.
Hugs from the family you’re missing.
Any time you’re drenched in a drink and,
Clouded by smoke from the weed you’re burning in.
Especially when you slowly sink into lugubrious thoughts,
As all those dollar signs dance around your eyes along,
With your current intentions even if your own mind knows they’re wrong…

“My day was so rough,
I can’t wait to get home and light a blunt.
In light of all these feelings keeping me in a rut…”
“I need a drink before I go nuts!
Been in my shell for too long.
I might just crack if I do not have a shot to bust through to my gut!”

Just two things embedded in the mind of an addict slash Loner.
A lifestyle where nothing matters,
But your drive to not be sober.
It’s more common than others who choose peace in mind over anger that brought us to an all time low…

Seems to be the force behind the actions of most.
Add empty pockets to the problem,
And one might profit off the thought of making someone else go broke,
Instead of asking themselves,
“What am I doings that is not letting me grow?”…

An epidemic of selfishness disguised as love for the “Self.”
So many trying to be first and get to the top shelf.
What they really need is to ask for help,
Most encourage you to keep living through hell…

You ever wondered about that person recording their good deeds?
“Keep looking up because life is so sweet!”
Forget to notice how their vision moves much lower,
When they move down their phone next to their gritted teeth?
With a bunch of so called friends behind them struggling,
All for a piece of a pie you can’t even fucking eat…

Today’s issues run deeper than gun shots,
Death and more boxes of tissues,
Penetrated by intent when others miss or make others miss you.
It starts with ourselves and how we treat those who can’t give you,
That million dollar check you so desperately wish to,
Have in your name.
Problem is,
The higher ups in America want it all for themselves in a life they treat like a game…

Putting all colors in a melting pot until their rainbow shines throughout our darkest days…

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