Free-Write #1 – Hopefully She’s Okay

Taking the moment to sit down and free-write is such an important task I forget to do often. Releasing every single demon rotting in the darkest pits inside my chest. A piece you kind of just, let go. Gone with the wind without a single record kept. Especially, when all you can think about is the “One” you lost…

If I was being honest, it’s all I want nowadays. A chance to have a final conversation where it ends with love. Not an ounce of hatred. To think that she’s on the other side with such an ugly image of what my character had become a few years back? Heartbreaking. Makes me question my faith at times…

“Sighs, I’ll never hear from her again…”

Nonetheless, I still stand on my own two feet like never before. Somehow working through the day with a smile, rather than tears running down my cheeks profusely. After all, all I’ve wanted was for her to be happy and at peace. And, if she can fall asleep with grin on her face during these hysterical times, I have gotten what I always wanted. So, what more can I really ask for?

Melodic ❤

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