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How can you be liberated with a closed mind?
Hysterically refusing to take a look at the other side?
So busy being angry,
Where you have become the enemy in disguise.
Without even knowing,
When you vigorously drill ideas in the head of another yearning for a guide.
To make it through a concrete jungle full of wolves trying to eat them alive…

You cannot control what I choose to say and see with my very own eyes.
I know you like to think that you have a right in what I choose to write.
Because of what look-alikes have done in a past where chains rustled as kids cried.
My life is not yours as I work hard for mine.
All the time spent when I’m clocked in at work for a piece of the pie?
All the nights I spent jotting bars while sipping wine,
To find a stage for me to rhyme?
Just a couple of reasons as to why,
I stand tall on my beliefs,
For every moment my own people left me hanging out to dry…

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