Peace Versus Laying In Piecez

Baby I,
Wouldn’t want any other right by my side.
And sing to the rhythm you put my heart under.
Whether it be a clap of thunder.
The sound of us kissing when our lips are smothered…

You let the jewels blind you.
Mind you,
Diamonds came with a life you,
Got too excited for.
I’ve only been trying to open up your doors,
And get to know you more.
See another side I’ve never seen before.
All you see is ice shine bright within your eyes despite how cold you’ve become,
And how easily you lie…

The way we tussled under sheets,
Eight limbs combined like Muy Thai.
Pure ecstasy when I bent you over like,
You’re too fine”
And realized,
While putting in work,
You came at a price…

Of my Sanity.
And vanity.
No chance to be.
From the clutches of a ‘manic’ Queen.
It was sad to see.
How your character dissolved into one money-hungry woman scorned practicing,
Ways to keep me in a cage without asking me,
My permission.
That cage where you tried locking me away,
As I began wishing for Perdition…

Who am I to stay with one who couldn’t just, See.
Vision so blurry from all the bling,
All the trips overseas,
All the times you’ve clinged an expensive drink?
I had to leave,
I was drunk with the idea of Sobriety…
You were high with the idea of using my talents,
While I was down and off my feet…
Before I chose to roll over in a grave,
I had to be on my own and stop having those kind of thoughts where I keep hurting,

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