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Money Won’t Save You

Run away,
Run away,
Run away.
Is what I want do the moment that I wake.
Not because I feel pain…
Not because of any kind of internal hate.
Because too much of “Them” are seen every.

“Can I get a quarter?”
Is the phrase,
You will hear as soon as you step out onto Broadway…
Is what you’re offered when you’re on your way to the 1 train,
Hoping you can escape,
For once…

What am I to do?
As an individual who did starve for food?
Countless times threatened and removed from underneath any roof,
I laid under?
Your heart feels bad,
But then,
You remember how you would’ve never gotten off the street if it wasn’t for that hunger.
If it wasn’t for every moment I had asked for just a quarter and was given shade during hot Summers.
The Winter’s cold,
Not as icy as the heart’s of others,
With a chest covered,
In Diamonds…

I played ball.
My “friends” would only listen if I hopped on a stage and lay off,
Suicidal thoughts,
Knowing I was pushed away even if I made calls.
Money was the only thing given when I needed a soft,
And suddenly had much more to pay off,
Feeling as if I was a criminal behind bars like Bernie Madoff.
All I had seen in my eyes were false leaders making everybody else look the same like Adolf…

Wasn’t until I ran away,
Ran away,
Ran away from my reliance on handouts,
Where I rose from the dirt and made my demons stand down.
Even if all I really wanted were a pair of hands out,
Any dire moment I yearned for a simple embrace,
In a world where the most common phrase has been,
“Another man down…”

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