Her Smile Makez Mine Rise

When you’re wrapped up in my arms,
I just want to make you feel so love and protected.
As soon as my lips bounce off your fluffy cheeks,
Mine get so flushed and reddened,
Even just by your presence…
Birthday’s around the corner and feel like I already have my present.
A chance to around those golden eyes that leave me completely breathless…

Having her lay on my shoulders while I twirl her hair,
Is how I want to end my night,
Making sure that she smiles no matter what amount pain,
We both may feel when we end our long days,
Any time we’re apart.
To be a part of her life.
Just seeing her shine while her voice soars all across the sky?
Is all a man could want when he’s tired of chasing those dimes,
That aren’t worth much while I’m trying to make sense of why.
Why and how did I get so lucky to have the most beautiful woman by my side?

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