Off The Deep End

Floating off the deep end.
Into shallow waters where I’m reapin’,
The benefits of different rhythms flowing off a tongue that is creased in,
The moment where I’m thinking of a woman,
Referred to as the former…

She couldn’t take the plethoras of ways how I form words,
Into my reality while I store hurt,
Into a bottle at the cost of what I used to gross per,
For her…

Not flooded with the kind of money I be thinking of while I harness,
Every bar I spit at fake emcees while I’m Rock climbing past the rocks kicked at a target,
Satan couldn’t shoot down
No matter how many drugs he’s swallowed in a market,
Meant to farm the youth’s spirit in a plate for the pigs that they are in,
A world slowly dying…

What matters more than God’s Love?
Thus far,
The only thing to block her image when it pops up.
Why want an Ex back,
When the window to peace was closed over some smoke bubbling from burning pots.
She has chosen over love,
Just looking for a hot fuck…

I mean,
In a way she was “The One.”
The one to rip a hole through a chest I’ve had to patch up,
With a love for myself I’ve never knew unless I was high or drunk.
The one to teach me the kind of woman not to love.
The one who thought I’d lay defeated when bum-rushed,
By all of my own atrocities…

I stand tall as I trot through cities full of Mayhem.
On one side.
If you look around for long enough,
You’ll see the real Beauty our Universe has to offer in a life.
That forever lasts,
In present time…

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