Burgerz & Friez Mix Well

I’m tired of sides.
Whether it’s a choice between an apple pie,
Small fries,
Or who to like more.
Problem is,
With how distasteful each are,
I feel as if both are a bunch of fuck boys and a load of bitches.
Making an excuse for lacking riches.
When we’re all in the same game rocking stitches,
From war we all had to endure before ending up inside of a ditch.
I’m more so hungry for the day where the fight has ended.
Either or can get you killed deep in the trenches…

There isn’t a damn thing better than the privilege,
To worry about yourself while extending a kind hand to your brethren…
Everybody thinks their perfect!
Everybody thinks life is smooth,
No bumps on the surface!
Till you drown within the mask you’ve applied while you were hurting.
Reminded of limits within your tolerance of pain…

We can’t live without each other.
Oppose one another,
While we pose in every post we clutter,
On a page already written for us.
We’re so stuck on history.
Eminating auras that aren’t ours when cracking this mystery of liberty…

So desperate for victory,
Cuff each others’ wrists,
To the wheel of our enemy’s whip.
Face it!
Our drive derrives from whom controls the driver’s seat,
In a hearse disguised as a limozine,
We jump into willingly,
While gallons of blood drips visibly,
Gaining an affinity for ignorance when either one of us swerves on the pavement…
From a little too many drinks we’ve made in every rendevoux we’ve wasted time in vein…

It’s insane!
And a bit saddenning.
How we hurt ourselves.
On repeat,
Like every demon we live through vicariously…

You’re a victim.
To your own blindness
During a time where there aren’t anymore excuses to fail amongst anym tyrant.
As citizens of our beloved country,
We’re diseased by entitlement…
Choked by tears as we ride our title’s wave,
When we’re quaking in fear…

No side is innocent with sex dolls running the show with only one function,
In conjuction with men scared of true masculinity.
The solution lies within realizing that a real man sees,
Without women we wouldn’t be breathing.
Without men,
We couldnt be conceived and,
Without each other,
We’d seize to be in a Universe meant for both of us.
If it isn’t so,
Show me a child that was born without help from either one!…

Growing up,
I’ve always pictured women as a garden,
Where we plant our seed,
And if you help grow the fruit right,
The garden will provide the oxygen and food you need,
Organic love.
the problem is we’re running out of healthy soil,
We’re spoiled.
As more products are now GMO…

I’m just tired of being silent.
Too long did I see my mom and father pop shots at each other,
For me to see the world around me so violent.
What I see,
Is each and every one of us at a corner
In the dark while our minds lay in crisis…

When I rise In the morning,
All I think about is being told to be the light,
And now that mine are on,
All I can see are souls lost within their vices,
The same way I’ve been…

Most of my time’s spent taking an oath of silence,
Many have much to say,
Do they practice what is preached no matter the sermon?
My concern is how earnest you are,
When earning.
At least my verses show you every moment I was hurting.
In a city burning through illusion while losing its culture.
Everyone’s a star,
Looking for an extra buck,
Won’t wake up and smell the coffee brewing oceans of tears within our own backyard.
So busy shopping at Forever 21,
We’ve started dropping dead young,
As our coffin’s the shopping cart.
In this era,
Money communicates with us better when it’s ready to be received in our palms,
And that’s the sad part...

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