Innocence With Hornz

I haven’t gotten down much in my life,
Your luscious lips gravitate the thought of you,
In a silk corset I’d love to unzip,
Closer to my mind.
You may leave my cheeks red just like your lingerie,
You may be more experienced,
My tongue brings a magic touch where you’ll tremble the second I place the tip on your clitoris.
I mean,
I’ve always been fat,
I love to eat,
And who wouldn’t want to bring you to a climax?
No strings attached,
Just pounding away from the back,
Under sheets,
Like a standing ovation across the room as if you’re hearing an audience clap…

I love a mystery that winks at my inner desires,
While you tuck in your freaky side inside of your jeans,
So curvaceous and invasive the way your wants mirror mine,
As I keep them away from public eye.
It’s only a dream every time my eye lids come to a close.
It’s the first time I’ve been free,
In my mind,
Without reading a sentence of poetry…

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