The Puppet Master

Sometimes I wake up and don’t feel like rhyming words together.
I just,
Want to tell the Universe how badly I want to feel normal.
Not to another human trotting through lands of Love turned to a barren wasteland.
More so,
To whatever seems to be pulling our strings…

We all want to be a puppetmaster at times,
Don’t we?
Tying strings around whomever we wish to control.
For our bit of happiness,
Even if it’s momentarily.
Sometimes I ask myself.
What if the strings I’ve tied around their necks are simply,
Too tight?…

Doesn’t seem like such a fun thought after a while.
Allowing my mind to flow through currents is what I choose.
Staying present in a world where God laid gifts for all of us,
If we ever decide to see.
Rid our eyes of everything that makes them so,
So sore…

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