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Numb.So numb,Even a sharp mind can't pierce through the feeling.As if I'm in need of sedatives just to close my eyes and continue dreaming.Yet,Regardless of how defeated I may seem within the crying pupils of another,I'm mastering my own principles and fighting through a set of trials God believes I'll surpass,By writing every single poem... Continue Reading →


Their mouths were tainted by miasmata I vow to kill,Miasmata with no ability to sicken my vessel protected by God's Will.How?A question I cannot answer until…I rid myself of my own…Because,Weed smoke still subjugates my train of thought even if it is of a different kind,The kind that Mary Jane provides when you're lonely during... Continue Reading →

The Puppet Master

Sometimes I wake up and don't feel like rhyming words together. I just, Want to tell the Universe how badly I want to feel normal. But, Not to another human trotting through lands of Love turned to a barren wasteland. More so, To whatever seems to be pulling our strings... We all want to be... Continue Reading →

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