Sexy Nightz

Everybody has their own kinks,
I love yours more than the average woman.
The lace,
The silk,
Corsets and whip that you like to tilt.
And slowly slide up against your legs,
So luscious.
Trust me…
I’m not running from it.
I confront any challenge without backing down,
My strokes?
I know you’re cumming from it…

At least,
It’s what I like to think.
Nights where I lay you down while you smile as I sink,
My palms towards your plump breasts I lick in delight and squeeze,
Your nipples in between a set of teeth,
I floss with a flow I can spit until Death decides to reap me!…

I’m dreaming of both of us alive in the moment.
Slightly grabbing your waist while showing,
How I can bring your cheeks to a rouse,
With a kiss out the blue,
A slap down below,
Where It matters,
As I choose…
To unwind just a tad bit…

I like to give a tease before I make your body feel lavish.
Blowing into your ears while you grab my bulge and create static.
Coercing my hands to,
Run up your skirt to grab an ass I’ve wanted to have for,
The longest…

Who wouldn’t want to caress your neck with their lips with a slight grip and toss this,
Tension off your shoulders while I make your pussy gloss in,
Sweet pleasure.
Two fingers rubbing on the right spot while I penetrate through your inhibitions and make a mess.
Head whipping back,
Almost at climax,
As I pull away without giving her a chance,
To end a ride her body & mind doesn’t want to end…
And enter a tongue I swirl around inside of her until she begs…

So I lay her face down.
On her knees.
Wrists tied tightly,
Just how she likes it as I lean,
And kiss you from your ear lobes,
Cheeks to shoulder.
Nibble on the side of her hips as she gets closer,
And closer.
The more I pound as it claps,
An applause for how drunk for lust and love she is,
Even if we’re sober!
There it goes…
Juices I’d like to drink while I make out with her bottom lips,
As we put a hold on our never ending show.
Just to lay next to each other and appreciate how warm both of us feel,
In a world that has gone so cold…

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