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My Only Sunshine

So bright while you light up the sky.
So high,
Providing me some warmth when I feel like I’m about to cry,
For whatever reason…

Shining amongst my fluffy cheeks,
I make sure to embrace you throughout all seasons.
When I lay defeated?
You run a muck through any darkness trying its best to pierce this,
Drive I was given to keep the words coming out of my mouth in,

After all,
Rhymes in line after line is what I live for.
The path you allowed me to walk through during that time I had to Sin for,
A simple plate of food.
No friend to the side,
When you shoned upon my presence,
I understood that God loves me no matter if I’ve sinned more than I have before…

Why would I want to keep laying my head down on concrete,
As cold as the hug my mom gave me when I needed her to spot me?
The more you glow,
The more you glare,
The more you stare down my demons,
I would rather let God speak!
I am New under the sun.
As a Poet giving you that knowledge who is not a carbon copy…

Thank you for helping me love myself a little more while I rise.
From a restful sleep within this Lion’z Den I haven’t had in,
Quite some time…

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