Cupid Ridez On Cometz

I can make your pussy wet.
Your eyes instead,
With a true story.
For me?
Conversation is best,
It’s best not to bore me.
I find words more meaningful,
Than being a guy looking to keep scoring.
Free bees?
I throw to the side for a line where I shoot mournings,
Of an inner being I can only find through a night full of soaring emotions…

Sensations of lust I hunt for a few moments.
Where I’m drunk and high,
With models in my mind that keep showing…
A lack of interest I see in myself often…

I have to love myself more,
For a woman to love me past the bulge her palms want to course through.
She’d be making the right decision if she chose to ride long on what I have to offer for a night,
Or two.
As long as she plans on leaving right after we bump and grind hips,
As if we were in our own porn shoot.
Who am I to intertwine bodies with another?
Without exploring the Universe swirling through her sparkling pupils…

I’m out gassing one with a mind as hot as our Sun,
Here and there,
Just for entertainment.
Even if I lose my drive,
I shower one with compliments until the day’s end.
Until I crash,
And willingly,
Against the pavement…

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