Puff Puff Passin’

Generations upon generations have we been poisoning ourselves with the same belief.
Same patterns keeping our own people stuck in the weeds,
Whether it be marijuana trees,
Crack rocks,
Ideas as ancient as draconian measures or a sitcom on TV…

Riddled by vicious cycles,
Natural disasters we all create throughout our lives,
The root?
Our pain,
From the very core…

How do we dig our way down to that core?
That blazing lake of fire protruding through your brittle chest?
Sparking Hot lava all around your lifeless atmosphere.
Where the only thing rising is smoke gathered from each waning puff…

I guess,
Answers are seen when smoke clouding your vision drifts away,
Not a single sign of Mary Jane who’s job is to deplete thee,
Of air allowing us to continue breathing freely…

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