Keep The Fans Spinning

Life is always going to hit the fan.
It will never be a breeze,
Until you quit tripping over every hard truth we must all understand.
How we aren’t perfect in any sense of the word,
As we pay our price for every stand!
Taken against ourselves regardless if what we’ve done is wrong while going home with blood on our hands…

It’s what happens when you take a stab at breaking your own promises
War with yourself as every white lie blocks sunshine as the sky goes pitch black,
Now ominous to a soul seeking what is no longer heartwarming.
More ice,
And a fling to call your “baby girl” under your Vanilla Sky.
A night in town where you cruise by and act up while calling it a “movie” as you drown within a lie.
Wrapping up your rendezvous with shot after shot till you crash!
Defaced of an image you had thought you’d die for…

“How can you keep your fans spinning soundly?”
Is the question you should ask whenever there’s a downpour,
Of thoughts we should soothe with tears from ugly truths kept from entering our doors,
Hinged to a glasshouse broken by the screeching sounds of your outpours,
As mine shattered through my rhythmic effusions.
Whether in the form of blood,
Sweat and tears from endless odes to faith so intrusive,
Filling up the emptiness inside with dreams that become inevitably lucid,
In the form of a poem during moments where I couldn’t help but think of Moet and a blunt full of buds I have broken anytime I felt useless,
I escaped and started building bricks around a pack of wolves salivating for my “two cents “,
That grew in no time with patience until they were too spent!
To keep chasing me around.
Howling for my flesh the second I decide to step outside and see the blessings I’ve received,
That I’m finally free…

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