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Casper Was A Friendly Ghost

Have you ever stopped reaching out to someone and notice how years go by without both of you speaking?
How they define you as lost without any effort to call or text,
While you end up feeling wrong about the whole situation?
I’m sure it’s more common than we think while we try to find our place in,
A world too large to let each other go astray with,
No intention to check if anyone you claim is okay.
Isolate and just hope things are going well,
As we watch each other cry and fill up wells of tears until we drown within our own conjured hells…

How are you!?
You’ve been a ghost!”
Exactly what most would say while you bleed profusely from open wounds you’ve been trying to close.
Whether or not you’re angry at their absence,
To them?
It doesn’t matter!
As they label you erroneous for feeling sadder than before…

Almost as if they’re yelling from a distance,
I’m your friend,
There’s no reason to be sad,
Even if I ignore your existence,”
All you can do is scoff,
Turn around and escape their fog of bullshit,
After blowing smoke up your ass regarding how important you are in their world full of,

It’s a blessing in disguise,
The more they reveal what’s behind a curtain.
No longer a surprise for a person,
Smarter than he ever was before the second he chose to stop hurting.
Over what he couldn’t control,
Like the loyalty of what I call a burden!
A trap causing you to chirp nonsense that wouldn’t boost your moral for certain.
Their hugs?
Cold like bars in a jail cell keeping you immobile,
Until they are done pilfering the purses you have earned after each performance you had worked hard to make so perfect!
As It ever could be in a world,
So Deceitful,
Trying to resurface,
Skeletons underneath a bed I’ve already shown!
To a public more adept to leave you accursed,
Till the day you die…

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