Barking Up The Right Tree

Lately, I never really know what to write. Could barely get myself to sit down on my desk and create the visuals I’ve wanted to give life to for so long. And, I don’t really know why…

All I know is, I’m surrounded by what feels wretched and dark to a soul already tainted by the shadows of gloom. Although I try my best to bathe in sunshine with a smile and nothing else, can’t deny that part of me riding around in my head inside of a wicked train of thought…

Where does it come from? A question I find myself asking more often than letting go of that confusion. Yet, easy it always seems to be. Pulling out and letting go of every shard of glass that pierced your heart throughout the years, bleeding out every memory of those who no longer belong…

Funny, though. How I’m doing, this very moment, what I claim to not be able to. Just, writing my thoughts away without a care in the world for a past too twisted to untangle at this point. But, how? Why can’t I see the reason for my emotional outpour as I write this sentence?

After all, it’s all I want. To, forget about the flesh while immersed in the barks of what my inner peace stems from. Just, a journal allowing me to drown inside of the happiness it yearns to give me…

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