The Ice Is Melting & I Know Why Pt.1

Wildfire spark as soon as I wake within a Lion’s Den where my peace is seen as food for malevolent minds.
Patience engulfs my spirit in the heat of the moment.
The hotter it becomes,
The colder I feel,
The more I yearn for freedom,
From a block of ice I am frozen in still…

Why is it melting away as slow as it is?
I ask myself often.
I’ve realized why while lost in a limbo I was offed in…
A titanic I am as a man understanding the plan I was offered,
By God,
To follow a path I was mad in for tragedies I could’ve fostered!
In flows I manifest from the palms of my hands while spitting as smooth as water…
Wading through it all,
Serving my demons the sins of my father…

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