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Never sorry about a hiatus from a game I don't really want to play anymore. Lord... What am I even here for?... I'm not like the average individual trying to dress in the same visuals, Mess with the same principles, Like the people they see on TV while they live miserable... Don't even know myself... Continue Reading →

The Ice Is Melting & I Know Why Pt.1

Wildfire spark as soon as I wake within a Lion’s Den where my peace is seen as food for malevolent minds.Yet,Patience engulfs my spirit in the heat of the moment.The hotter it becomes,The colder I feel,The more I yearn for freedom,From a block of ice I am frozen in still… Why is it melting away... Continue Reading →

Isn’t He Lovely?

“This is my wonderful son!” No,It’s always been more like,Yea,“That’s” my “son” alright… Not one single ounce of love,Just,A pure disgust for the monster they created… Let’s face it!Human I am not as I trot through land like a nomad looking for a warm place in,Such a cold world that left me shackled in a... Continue Reading →

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