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Titanic Viewz

I became an Ex when she put us to a close,
After being cornered by the wrongs I would right,
I see that I was meant to be alone,
I was born without holding on to anybody’s hand accordingly,
What do I care?
All the pain I beared as a naked soul,
While stigmatized as an animal!
Revealed to me the closed-minded folk,
Who tried to sway my feet to walk through realities of a plane more pseudo than you think.
A reality where you believe you can fly past your burdens through a high where you sink!
So low…

Finding myself very much alone,
I became a jack of all trades while the haters yelled,
Drowning just wasn’t an option I could take as I refused to place a boatload,
Of roses representing an involuntary escape from such a pretty world,
Even if it is so,
So cold!…

Rather than burying my potential,
I watered it with tears through a rhythmic flow so turbulent,
Instead of bringing light to my dark place by burning bridges!
“I never thought you’d lose weight,
Stop drinking & smoking,”
Is what she confidently said,
I did!
Through a smile and too many nights hurting in this,
Hell we spark to life,
Of that blazing fire we entrap within our eyes…

As her love became a myth,
So did my will to die.
Why commit suicide,
With God urging me to start anew,
Without a thorn by my side?
Why not keep proving that man in my mirror wrong anytime he wants to quit and give up whenever he must fight?
Why not get on a stage,
While going insane,
Applying the pressure that keeps every doubter tongue-tied?
At the end of it all,
There isn’t a call,
Love coming my way when deciding to walk through the Hour of The Beast till Sunrise!
Without bumping heads with a soul,
What is there to poke holes and break me in half while I run mine?…

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