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Writer’s Block Is Home!

Writer’s Block!

Only place I’d ever want to be in.
From the second I wake up after surfing through the deep end!
Of a dream I see within,
My pupils when I close them with a good reason,
As God chooses to begin writing up an epilogue of a life I,
Was purposefully given,
No matter how many times Mother claimed I was a mistake,
Since the moment I began kicking…

Both feet and a rhyme,
From the womb,
To a stage I would find years later as my life became awry.
To land iron on a pavement as I cut through what lead me to become a samurai!

Of the word.
My solution for a change I display through my two cents of truth in a concrete jungle as the nuisance my beloved claimed to be the worst…

After feeling like I was played by the world so many times,
All I saw was a stage left open everywhere I went so that I can get my head right.
Look at every high and low of life better than I did while always on a search for a light.
Putting fire to “buds” I once pocketed within the corners of my heart as tight as I could’ve!

How can you not when everything feels like a Broadway show?
Instead of acting up?
I struck a “blow” for my peace when my life seemed to go up in smoke.
I did it all on a block trying to ride away with my sanity,
Right underneath my nose!

Writer’s Block!
It’s just,
The only home,
Have ever known…

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