Freewrite #34 : Just Breathe

Just, trying to be fine with some avocado and toast. A simple dish to start off a morning already rocky for a guy looking for his place in the world. Problem is, has been intruding for way too often, unannounced and forces itself on you.

How do you put it to rest and feel the cool winds of tranquility when you need to most? How do you ignore it’s call and shut its mouth from convincing you to hurt yourself? Well, these are things I am still trying to figure out myself. No concrete answer by the time you finish reading this, unfortunately.

But, someway, somehow I’ve managed to keep it at bay for the majority of time. Sure, slip-ups have been going hand in hand lately, but from how I used to react years ago? The beast has dwindled in size tremendously! A feat that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t try and keep it simple with myself instead of overthinking my entire life.

Because, whenever we’re all in a rut, most of us tend to overthink our current circumstances to a point of madness. Opening a wide window for sorrow to sneak right inside without you even knowing it, especially when you’re surrounded by others staring into themselves without a reflection in sight.

And, I had no other choice but to sit down and slow my motor recently, as I wake up and deal with a loneliness that gets quite scary. A loneliness that soothes out more and more as I focus on healing my past trauma. But, when times gets tough whether you’ve been dumped, lost a job, been told you deserve to die (at least for me, I’ve been told this pretty often), sometimes you and It are at a stalemate. No ups, downs, just a shell of Anger keeping you in place regardless of where you’re at.

Guess what, though? That iron cast of Anger can only trap you eternally if you allow it to. And, the only way you can allow it to ensnare your true potential and demolish it is to stop thinking and, just do…

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